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My Opinion Article
The summit of CELAC or pimps
"Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's." Christ
Our Latin America the Second Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States ( CELAC) started in Havana attended by presidents and representatives of the 33 countries that make up the block, which are organized all the Americas less USA and Canada. The event, whose theme is the struggle against inequality and poverty, also invited as visiting UN Secretary Ban Ki -moon and the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, among others.
A summit of many of these presidents was disqualify gringos that old obsolete discourse with the Communists to the American anti-imperialism , but the reality is unfortunate to see these "leaders " who say every barbarity to prove they are just as anti -American but just leave it at that , in its complex nausea but remain dependent on USA . The plight for which currently spends Venezuela is the result of applying socialism or communism that failure in that island and which was brought to the country by the very president of the republic to whom the Dinosaur Caribbean (Fidel Castro) impressed and those who suffer the consequences of that are all Venezuelans who live and suffer a situation and reject and repudiate all common in that island. Misgoverns and is in an unfortunate situation: Disrespect: human rights, freedom of expression, to the constitution, private property.
What was aimed at the Castro brothers in the CELAC is to promote the new colonialism in Latin America which promotes and leads the Cuban government. Here we have as an exemplary case that colonialism practiced island of Venezuela (Venezuela and Cuba are the same thing expressed Raul Castro). To top rulers traitors of this country are now so brazen to Cuba to lecturing about sovereign countries that today are still far from being as colonial as it is today Venezuela . A force to suck the product of our natural resource wealth that island and many other countries have been exploiting us to our economic collapse and an unstoppable both unpublished and social crisis. Do not then represents a mindless irresponsibility that in a circumstance of this magnitude, Maduro speaking in Cuba today is when their government is about to collapse to Venezuela and incidentally himself? Both cheap speeches’ll do some other questions to the Maduro read: Where got the dollars to travel? What is your entourage and where they got the dollars? Not wearing gold as the deceased had for Castro brothers? Will leave get around, since the rest of the Venezuelans that's impossible? Finally I can explain how Cuba is a poor country, and its people have better living that Venezuelan? For those who will be...
A discourse of peace before the world in this CELAC or pimps as many cataloged in Venezuela. What it can declare the Latin American zone of peace then you must return Venezuela to Russia to buy all the weapons Russia to our commander president made in his government run these weapons in the hands of the underworld and most absurd all that summit Maduro called decolonize the Falkland Islands in the UK, in regards to Cuba closing the North American military base in Guantanamo and Puerto Rico to be "free.” Now I wonder, that freedom of speech Maduro Cuba when people have no right to comment. Should be asked to understand by freedom. Taking serious internal problems, but he did not ask zones Venezuela claim as: the Gulf of Venezuela and Guyana Essequibo because he forgot the request of the Venezuelan state and if free colony then talks first with Puerto Ricans do not want to change their status, and there are some islands that are not our continents territory of USA. That issue not addressed in this call, many call summit pimps. Touting Let all that do not practice socialism see the children of Hugo Chavez and family liked the best life and buy everything they produce the empire.
These summits cost a fortune to Venezuela and leave him no advantage. As these countries in the 14 years of the Chavez revolution they do is suck and blow each other to Venezuela, who gives them oil and buys them pitches products at exorbitant prices, because the ruling does not hurt they care Venezuela have these small countries to their advantage to expand their crazy belief that this project will be a power, dream Castro communist countries such samples suck Venezuela strings pimps.
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