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My Opinion Article
Letter to @realDonaldTrump
"When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny." Thomas Jefferson
Dear Donald, familiary, as your mother called you, and knowing that you are not given to conventionalisms, that you hate the formalities, I will go straight to the point with you, now more because i know that your time is valuable as the President of the Colossus of the North.
Venezuela is not what it seems, neither Venezuelans, in our candor and generosity we were taken to the crisis we are living today by bandits who pretend to cheat on you showing layout to stand on north american soil, to answer for their atrocities. Far away from resign ourselves, that cynicism encourages us to wait for better times convinced that the outcome of the events will put us in the definitive course to exit the drug trafficker and corrupt regime that is right now ruling our country. And there it is where you, Donald, can have a starring role, one of those that you love to have and that give a lot of rating, to unimagined heights, more than the achieved by Alnord in “The Apprentice”, who you criticize not to lift flight, so thats whay i hope from you to do In the Venezuelan case, as President of the United States of America.
I know is not easy, because of the self-determination of the countries, but knowing that our government guidance comes from the Antilles, one of the best new friends of Obama. I celebrate the sanctions to the Venezuelan Vice President, and also I hope not to stop there, because there are records numbers against criminals of the regime that should be investigate by the actions that are request by Marcos Rubio. But as this could be interpreted as animosity of my part toward those who publicaly made you know that they not fear the American justice, demonstrating the use of financial resources of unknown origin and asking for guarantees and rights that they denied to political prisoners, also i would like to ask Donald to goals pressure on international agencies to take a stronger attitude against the degenérate people who govern us. You can start by the OAS, please ask Luis Almagro to leave the crying and the frustratration about his trip to Havana and to apply the Democratic Charter immediately, because that about the hardening of the report smells us bad because it seems more like more time purchased by the regime.
Donald, there on american soil, you have at your disposal many Venezuelans traitors of this regime, we know that what they are looking for is to save their skin, as well as others that are hiding in your own nose, for the sides of Miami. We beg you for justice so please lash out against them, and you will be amazed at the results, because, to tell the truth, they are cowards, like all those who govern us right now, they apply us the justice of the horror, emboldened, because they have the power while they are in the government, they abuse and damage people, but as Eladio Aponte Aponte or Franklin Nieves, they finally cried as children when they feel lonely, a sad story that shame us in the person of numerous witnesses protected Venezuelans, who with a sense of opportunism, but more because of fear Assume that condition. "Great fear" may not understand it in every sense of the word, they will explain it better than I could do, thorugh this short lines.
Donald, this is not one of your personal problems with the Venezuelan Ex Miss Universe , Alicia Machado, who erratic as she is, give her support for Presdient to Hillary Clinton, the thing is to confront some erratic of greater size, that have learned to project their excesses in people like you, so if you don't act decisively and forcefully against them, the bad are going to end up being you, and of course because for them you frame perfectly in the chavista typology that makes them scream against pests about every single american,just like they do to your Chargé d'Affaires here, who was beaten by our ineffable Chancellor because of the sanctions to the Vice President. Grazas eye, as we say here, there would be Eagle eye, with these rogues, if you fall asleep in the laurels will continue to be flooding the american streets with narcotic drugs and your banks of financial assets in order to enjoy the great life, even on American soil.

Donald, to finish this lines, I urge you to answer my request, but not as Barack Obama answered Pablo Medina ( A reply not even to me as a venezuelan citizen begging for justice, but to many Venezuelans that are suffering the crisis of the country. This humble Venezuelan who writes to you, just wanted to honor your characteristic release, yes, respecting first because i know in fact im talking to the that new President of the United States of America. I do this just because im worried about the future of my country a very rich and great country, Venezuela, so I expect you to pay attention to every word in these lines, not so much for our sake, but for the welfare of your people too, more vulnerable than us to the excesses of our current rulers of our country.
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